Poly-B Replacement Team
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Your Poly-B Replacement Team

If you choose us to complete the poly-b replacement in your home, we will do everything from the demo, plumbing, drywall, painting and cleaning. This will save your wallet, your sanity and your time.

Your home is at risk!


Unfortunately when it comes to Poly-B plumbing,  it’s not a matter of IF it will fail but WHEN it will fail. It is very important to have Poly-B plumbing in your home removed as soon as possible as it is the leading cause in most home water damage claims. Poly-B plumbing is notorious for slow leaks that are hidden behind drywall and furniture which can cause mould and water damage. 

What is Poly-B Plumbing?


Polybutylene (or Poly-B) is a flexible grey, water line that was used by plumbing companies from the mid 1970s until 1997. It was used for its flexibility, ease of install and low cost. The plastic pipe was certified by the Canadian Standards Association and had been used for many years without issue. However once it hits a certain age it can fail without warning.  

Do you suspect that you have Poly-B Plumbing?


It was not until the late 1990's that plastic plumbing such as Poly-B was banned for use. If your home was built between 1975-1998 and has not undergone major renovations, there is a high likelihood that your home is at risk due to Poly-B leaks. We are happy to provide you with a free in-home consultation to confirm if you do infact have this plumbing in your home. 

Looking into your Insurance coverage. 


It is estimated that roughly 100,000 homes in Calgary still have Poly-B plumbing and many insurance companies are no longer providing coverage due to the age and risk associated. Due to most insurance companies not issuing new policies on home containing Poly-B plumbing, this can discourage potential buyers from purchasing your home in the future.

Investing in your future.


We understand that replacing the Poly-B in your home can be a big investment. However ignoring the issue and leaving this plumbing in the walls of your home is only going to rear its ugly head eventually (if it hasnt already) which will require remediation and potentially cause major damage in your home. 


for your free in home inspection and quote



Our team will start by mapping out the best routes to minimize damages in your walls and ceilings. Once this is complete, we will cut approximately 14" x 14" holes into your walls and ceilings to allow our plumbers access to the poly-b piping that needs to be replaced.


All of our plumbers are Red Seal Certified. We will begin the process by removing the old poly-b lines through the holes cut in your walls and ceilings and replacing them with new piping. This process can be completed in stages to isolate water groups to never leave you without water for long periods of time. The average home of approximately 1800 sq ft can be completed in 3 days. 


Once the plumbing has been replaced and inspected by the City of Calgary, our team of drywall professionals will begin to restore your home. The drywall is placed back in the holes with proper backing as needed, followed by tape, mud,  and sanding. This process should take approximately 5 days to complete.


Now that the holes are patched, we can begin the final stage. Our painter will provide colour matched paint to your existing walls for a seamless finish. Although we don't make any promises, our ceiling experts who have been spraying texture for 20+ years. This gives us the best chance at a inconspicuous blend. This process on average takes 2-3 days.



Why Choose Us

Beach's Quality Developments (BQD) is a division of Beach's Quality Drywall. Drywall, insulation, taping and texture used to be the only services we provided and successfully did so for over 20 years. We have been involved in thousands of poly-b drywall patch repairs and we pride ourselves on our amazing work and being able to bring clients homes back to pre-loss condition.

Through our many years in the industry, we established relationships with many valued trades and have now expanded our business. BQD is now known as Beach's Quality Developments and we offer a full range of construction services. We love being a part of designing, building and bringing character to a home. We truly understand the investment and personal bond people have with their homes and we want to help you protect that asset.

With the very high number of repairs BQD has been called to do recently caused by Poly-B leaks, we are focusing on making people aware of the potential catastrophe that may be in their future. This is a perfect opportunity to upgrade lighting, texturing or any other renovations needed in your home and BQD would be happy to help!