The Process
BQD is a fully-licensed, insured contractor that provides the professional expertise to complete any residential or commercial renovations including kitchens, bathrooms, main floors, basements, additions, interior and exterior. We offer free consultations and serve the Calgary and surrounding areas.
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Connect with us now for a free consultation on your project

The Process

Meet & Greet

A member of our team will meet you at your home to discuss the scope of work and your vision for the project. Whether you have a full set of drawings or something you have drawn on a napkin we will put together a preliminary budget and present it to you at no cost. At this point, if the budget meets your expectations, we will proceed to the design stage.


If you don’t already have drawings, we will put you in touch with one of the designers we work with. They will provide a set of drawings that can be used to create a high-level budget as well as submission to the city for any required permits. We will send these out to our preferred trades for firm pricing and invite them to a “Trades Day” at your home. We will send you a list of our suppliers so that you can make selections for plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, tile, flooring etc. We always recommend sticking with in stock or readily available products as it makes scheduling significantly easier.

Trades Day to firm up Budget

Some of our trades may require a site visit to confirm their pricing. Rather than sending several different trades at different times we arrange to have all trades come on the same day. All our trades will then produce a final price from which we will create a proposal. Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will proceed to construction.


We will create a “Proposed Schedule” at this point based on the availability of selections and send it to the trade partners. We call it a “Proposed Schedule” because have found that dates tend to fluctuate between the trades, but 9 x out of 10 we finish the project within 2-3 days of our original schedule.

Love It!

You’re ready to settle back into your brand-new space!

BQD prides itself on being a reputable construction, partner. We never take “deposits” for work that has not been started or completed. Most jobs we do not request any payment until the work is complete to your satisfaction. If you have a large project, we may do a “Progress Bill” at approximately the halfway point and based on work complete only. If a contractor asks you for a deposit this should raise a Red Flag.